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1996 Hylas 46, "Kokopelli"

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brian black:
Kokopelli has sold.  A nice family as the new owners, we wish them all joy.  Thanks

Hey Brian,

Wow, she is beautifully put together.  A lot of thought and experience there.

She might be a bit old for me, but I would love to receive pictures for ideas to steal !!  At the current rate, it looks like I will have to commission a new one, as there are so few recent models for sale, and even less which are specified for "real sailing."

If you wouldn't mind, do you have any info / specs / pictures that you can easily send through.  If not, don't worry.  Just take my admiring comments as a complement!!



H44 #65 1989, sadly soon to be upgraded. 
(I guess I should be excited to 'upgrade', but there is a piece of me in my old boat!!)

brian black:
Kokopelli, our beloved H46, is now up on the Swiftsure Yachts listings . . .
and also up on Yachtworld
She's on the dock at Swiftsure, in Seattle.
We very much hate to part with her, but life is change . . .

Swiftsure is an excellent and most reputable broker.  This benefits both seller and buyer alike.

brian black:
We're finally getting more serious about selling our boat!  She's on the broker's dock with Swiftsure Yachts, in Seattle.  And looking good, we think.  Ready to go, with two of everything. 


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