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Re: How to replace Antal switches?
« Reply #2 on: May 28, 2023, 01:25:17 PM »
Yes.  I have done this several times.  It's important to keep an eye on these because as the rubber deteriorates there is a possibility that you will push the button and it will not stop the winch on releasing.

You need to get to the back of the panel.  On the port side that is in the shower and on the starboard side in the galley.  Just unscrew the battens holding the roof panel.  The Antal button stainless surrounds are held on with through bolts and to undo them from the cockpit someone needs to hold the nut behind the panel.  Once the four nuts are off you can pry the stainless button surrounds off and the rubber cover will peel away from the rest of the rubber switch base.  The good news is that you only need to replace the cover of the switch, not the whole switch.  Although if there are signs of any degradation in the switch itself you should do so...just means re-splicing the wires.

I use fresh Butyl tape to seal the stainless cover around its edges.  When the bolts are tightened it will squish out and you can scrape the excess off.

It's a relatively easy fix as boat fixes go!  Happy to give you more details.  call at +1 646 339 7103

SV Genevieve


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How to replace Antal switches?
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2023, 12:40:52 PM »
The rubberized switches for my Antal electric winches have all perished and are in need of replacement (see attachment). I pulled the plate, but the stainless steel cover appears to be very firmly attached to the switch and plate. I suspect it was filled with 5200 or similar when installed. It is too tightly attached to get a razor blade in between. Any ideas?


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