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Re: H44 forward holding tank config
« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2023, 01:10:32 PM »

Been there, done that!
There are many Whale pumps.  There is an exact replacement.  i think it is :
Yes, it is used to empty the holding tank offshore.  Its essential when cruising the Islands.  When in harbor, use the tank, go offshore to empty.  You can use the holding tank until you replace the pumps, but I would do a pump out before replacing them.  You'll still want gloves, lysol and ventilation along with lubricant for the pump fittings and spare hose clamps.
Good luck.  The head will smell much better when you are done!


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H44 forward holding tank config
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2023, 07:57:10 PM »
Hi fellow Hylas owners,

As some of you already have surmised, I am still finding my way around my new to me H44.  I can now say, that I have found my way to the forward holding tank!  This as you probably already know is not a pleasant place to spend ones day.

I ventured up there to see if the forward head is configured in a similar manner to the aft one.  That is to say to find out if specifically it uses a manual pump as the aft one does.  You see, the aft pump has given up the ghost and I discovered only through my keen powers of smell, that the diaphragm has split open and I believe is leaking a bit of primordial ooze.

Well indeed the front one is configured similarly and it also has a split diaphragm!  Yay!

So a couple of questions for those who have already undertaken your learning adventure, first what are the pumps used for?  Is this to manually pump all the loveliness that is in the holding tanks out of the output thru hulls when comfortably away from civilization?  Second, if we have our y valves set to capture and keep (not in a story kind of way but rather in a holding tank kind of way) does the effluent get routed through the pump pipes anyway?  I realize that smells are going to be bad until I repair or replace the pumps, but do I risk leakage if the heads are used before I get those nasty things replaced?

My last question is which whale pumps are these?  I found and ordered, the whale flusher gusher, which looks like a slightly updated version of them and by the namesake, I believe to be the version used for this purpose but I want to be sure.  The bilge pumps that are out there look to be either too big or too small and I doubt they have the same types of Joker valves that toilets and probably these pumps require.  The titan looks too big and the urchin looks like it doesn't have a removable handle.

Thank you all for your input while I deal with the output problems!

87 H44, Hull 22 - On my way to Charleston soon!


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