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In mast mainsail options

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Thanks all!

I'm going to go with HydraNet with battens.  The only question is whether to go with partials or the Elvstrom full battens. 

Good to hear how well the HydraNet have stood up - it confirms the sales talk from both sailmakers I'm talking to.

I'm waiting for the boat show discount from Elvstrom before making a final decision. (I get friends and family pricing from the other loft)

Hi Joel, my wife and I bought a new set of Hydranet sails from the Doyle sail loft in Fort Lauderdale in Jan'11 for a 2003 Hylas 49 we had just purchased.  We chose to have vertical battens installed in the main.  After sailing around 40,000nms those sails are still going strong for the new owner (who took delivery from us late 2020), albeit with a little bit of attention on a couple of occasions from a sailmaker.  The vertical battens worked great, had no issues furling and unfurling the main due to the battens, they also gave the main additional strength and some roach.  Wouldn't hesitate to run with vertical battens again.  Paul (2003 Hylas 49 - Iolea)

Prior to purchasing my H54 this year I owned a Jeanneau SO45 with in-mast furling.  I upgraded my main sail with Doyle Cruising "Stratis Sails".  These are membrane sails, carbon fiber thread.  Loved this sail on both my in-mast furling system and head sails.  They never loose shape and did well in the furling drum of the mast.  My Doyle sail maker also designed the sail with carbon fiber "short" battens that were thinner in diameter than a standard batten and allowed for a slight roach.  I never had issue with this sail.  One big advantage of these sails is they never stretch / loose their shape. 

I liked the Doyle sails so much I've ordered Stratis sails for my Genoa, Stay Sail and Main sails on Voyager.

Good luck in making your selection, there are lots of options.

Voyager, H54-11


Thanks.  Do you know which cloth was used?  How is the shape?


When we purchased Solstice, our Hylas 46-66, in 2020, she came with this main.  Initially, the vertical battens were not installed correctly and kept slipping out, but after being adjusted by Harding Sails of Marion, MA, the sail works great.  Furls in and out without difficulty.

Happy to discuss this with you further.



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