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Conversion from AGM to LiFePo4 Batteries

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Renegade made the switch from six 8D AGMs to four 8D LiFePOs.  We bought "RELiON" brand 300AH 8Ds that are as close to drop in as possible.  All your charging sources will need to be reprogrammed with the LiFePO parameters, but that isnt hard to do.  The new batteries will stress your systems when charging, so be conservative with your settings and monitor everything closely.  Remember, the new batteries do not need to be charged to 100%, like your old AGMs, so having the charger drop to float early is better than late.  We live aboard and are very happy with our setup, some of the best money I have spent on the boat!

Che Figata:
We converted from a 4 8D AGM house bank to a 1120 amp hour Lithionics house bank.  Could not be happier.  We have different charging equipment than you (Mastervolt) but all could accommodate the Lithium charging profile.  We are set up to feed the house bank 300 amps when running the genset.  Solar and hydrogen supplement.  240 amp alternator charges when motoring.  Very happy with the batteries.  We live on board and our system has worked very well for us. 

We are in Antigua now and head for Guadalupe shortly.  Happy to discuss our experience.

Zack and Jill Hummel
SV Che Figata H56 #18

Hopefully Jeff and Julie on Renegade will chime in.  They are also on the FB group.

I am sure that this topic has to potential to cause as much varying opinions as to which is the best anchor. On board Ambition, a 2002 46, our house bank is made up of 3 each AGM 8D and 1 each AGM 4D for all loads except the engine and generator start which is a AGM 4D.
After reading and asking lots of questions I discovered that there are many different solutions that are available. In our case, I was looking for a LiFePO4 solution that was as close to "plug and play" for our boat that we use in the Caribbean 6 months per year. After verification of all our charging systems - solar, wind, Balmar 150A and a Xantrex charger  / inverter and a ProTech 40 seem to meet the charging requirements for the few battery manufacturers that I have found.
Are there any other folks that have successfully made this conversion? I would like to hear what your experience was. At this point I am looking for 3 each 300Ah for the house and 1 each 100Ah for the engine start.

Thanks in advance
S/V Ambition H46 #40


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