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Conversion from AGM to LiFePo4 Batteries

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The cost will vary widely depending on what other components need to be changed.  I had to change alternator/regulator, inverter and charger.  I went with 2 200 aH batteries and had everything professionally installed along with 4x100 solar panels and controllers. 
I'd be happy to discuss costs off-line.
Rule One

Hello Zack & Jill

Che Figata:
We would be happy to tell you about our experience. From the responses we have seen to the original question posed here and our discussion with other Hylas owners there seems to be a range based on the number you buy and the brand. Our contact info is in the member directory of this forum. Send us a note and we can arrange a time to chat. Looking forward to connecting.

Zack & Jill Hummel
SV Che Figata
Hylas 56-18

If anyone is willing,  could you disclose the approximate cost of the conversion from AGM to Lithium Ion.

We are thinking of a change when our current AGMs are nearing demise.  We have 6 House batteries, A bow thruster/windlass battery, an engine start, a generator start.  I think our current Mastervolt will be reprogrammable.

Genevieve. H54 #50

We completed the conversion last month. We only changed the house bank so ours was a hybrid install.(We left the starting battery and 2 bow thruster batteries AGM) We replaced the 4 8D 255 Ahr ea house batteries with 300 Ahr LiFePo with internal 150 amp BMS.  We started by making and laying out the 2/0 cables, all the positives being the same length, all of the negatives being the same length.  We used 2 big bus bars to accomplish this.  The new batteries are wonderfully light, so getting them in was easy.  We used the boom and sheet blocks to get the old ones out through the aft cabin hatch. I reprogrammed the master volt charger and installed a Balmar regulator on the house 150 Amp alternator. Also reprogrammed the 1200 watts of solar and the wind generator to LiFePo. One surprise is that the house bank was connected to the thrusters bank. When I tested this I had 200 amps drawing from the house lithiums! I separated the connection from the house bank to the AGM bow thrusters and installed a Victron battery to battery charger with a on/off switch at the Nav station. Also use the engine alternator to charge the thruster bank with a Victron Cirux charging relay.  I changed the tie switch to connect the thruster bank with the starting battery for back up starting.
We live aboard and I have been running between 30% and 70% with just renewable. We only use the genset when we want to spoil ourselves with AC. I am not stern heavy anymore, lost 400 lbs back there.  The DC water maker kicks but now with a steady 13 volts.
We couldn


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