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Fuel tank not empty?
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2021, 12:39:56 AM »
A couple of weeks ago we were motoring due to no wind.  Starboard tank was full and we had been running on the port tank for a couple of weeks).  Last I checked (yes, I will check before every single departure from now on, argh)  we had about 1/4 on Port.  With only a few miles to get to our next port, in flat water we suddenly lost the engine.  I switched to starboard and off we went.  I checked the tank when we hit the dock {ok, not literally folks}  and there appeared to be 3 inches of diesel in the tank which tells me we had 10-15g left.

I filled up the port tank the next day but was only able to put 35g in it.  Diesel was at the top of the dip-stick hole. 

I have run this boat to the bare limit without running the engine dead like this before because I prefer to cycle our fuel to keep it fresh.  I have never had the engine lose prime.

The filters are new and my vacuum Guage shows perfect flow capacity.  Curious if anyone has had this kind of fuel pickup issue before?  Should I be looking at the pick-up tube in the tank for pin holes or something?
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