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Re: Rudder post support arm in swim locker
« Reply #3 on: April 27, 2021, 03:40:08 AM »
Hello Seaglub (Chris) Good to hear you have made a safe passage! Windswept is a 1999/2000 and I have no rudder access in the swim platform locker? All my access is through/under the master berth. Seems to me ( and I could be wrong) but, if you have might be in the heal area which might be putting pressure on your L-bracket that your showing?? Best Don

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Re: Rudder post support arm in swim locker
« Reply #2 on: April 22, 2021, 04:51:03 PM »
Not being on our boat now, I am very confident that the bracket in your picture is made of ss and thru bolted on our 46-53. Hylas might have determined that there is more stress in that area than originally calculated. The bearing assembly thru hull on our boat was fiberglassed to the hull and even though I was not thinking the assembly would separate from the hull, there was some water leaking between the hull and glass mat used to fasten the assembly to the hull. The glass mat extended about two feet from the assembly and that is where water was seeping; under the steering box, in our case. Since we were on the hard for the season, the rudder was removed as well as the bearing assembly and the whole thing was rebuilt and installed with gussets adding further support to the thru hull assembly. My message here is try to reinforce the bracket pictured and when possible, replace it with something more substantial. Also, just keep an occasional eye on the thru hull, like maybe when the bedsheets are changed, to make sure the thru haul is okay. JR


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Rudder post support arm in swim locker
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2021, 05:35:06 PM »
After successfully navigating from Mexico to the Marquesas this month we had some damage to the support arm for the rudder post inside the swim locker. I hope the picture attached is visible. The rudder is also supported at the deck, at the thru hull and then again below the water on the fiberglass skeg. Questions:

- purpose of this support arm and importance?
- repair suggestions? Remember I'm about 800 miles from any decent haul out facility, to I'm thinking steel L brackets thru bolted
- potential damage to other areas, such as the thru hull stuffing box?

The rudder post has play as we sail and puts pressure on this L bracket, ultimately it started separating from the bulkhead, my biggest concern is that now it is putting pressure on the thru hull area. We sailed like this for 2000 miles and while the fiberglass separation gradually became worse, we did not have any water ingress at the thru hull, but I'm worried over time we may. All suggestions appreciated, and yes I plan on contacting Hylas.
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