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Hylas Discussion / Head-aches
« Last post by joel on November 01, 2022, 07:55:05 PM »
We decided to replace the nearly 30 year old acrylic vanity tops in the heads and replace the sanitation hoses while we were at it.  Good thing we decided to replace the hoses!  We could not have replaced the forward shower faucet with the top in place, and replacing the manual pump in the forward head would have been extremely difficult.

Couple lessons learned:  Unlike a home vanity cabinet, ours had plywood tops with sink cutouts, and the top was glued to the plywood, not just the edges.  I gave up trying to get the tops out in one piece.  I eventually used a hand saw to cut through the adhesive towards the back of the tops.  In the forward head I had to cut an access hole in the plywood between the shower faucet and manual pump to get to both easily.
There is a LOT of hose!  Luckily, the hoses from the toilets to the Y valve were new, but we still used about 70 feet of hose.  Get the flexible stuff for the forward head!  Trident or Vetus worked.  Trident is much cheaper.
The elbow that attached the vents to the holding tanks were both clogged, and the hose barb on both broke right off.  Luckily, it is a standard 1/2 NPT thread to barb elbow, and the old ones came right out.  Also replaced the access ports with plastic, as the bronze was only held in by friction.
To get the new hose from the tank to behind the cabinet we used a barb and hose clamps and pulled the new hose through for 2 of the hoses.  We also ran a messenger line with one of the hoses, and we were almost successful in pulling the third hose through with it.  I ended up cutting a 3 inch hole behind the forward toilet at the outboard end of the fiberglass so I could reach in and guide the hose through.  Ordered a 3 inch access port to fill it in.  The old hose in the forward head ran low in the cabinet, so it was always wet and mostly rotten.  I used a hole saw to cut new holes so the hose will be dry.

The forward head smells better already!  Countertop people are coming to template for the new quartz tops next week. 

This was one of the most difficult and time consuming projects we have undertaken, but it really had to be done, and the new countertops will look so much better!  Now on to the watermaker!

Rule One
Hylas Discussion / Re: Security upgrades?
« Last post by ardenbradley on October 24, 2022, 05:13:16 PM »
We have used an infrared security alarm called Doberman - it is battery powered with a very loud piercing alarm that would hopefully scare away intruders - we have had some false alarms in a rolly anchorage - available on Amazon
Hylas Discussion / Re: Security upgrades?
« Last post by Aria56 on October 24, 2022, 12:17:08 PM »
We have been living aboard in the Caribbean for 4 years now, been to most islands.  We are blessed with a sailing dog, probably the best security system you can get.  Anything that makes your boat a more undesirable target is good.  Good lighting, anchoring near neighbors in suspect areas, staying out of known problem areas, and not flashing wealth around when onshore or on the boat.  Blending in and being friendly and helpful goes a long way with fellow sailors and locals alike.  Dinghy and outboard theft is the #1 issue.  Raise your dinghy every night and scrape off the "20HP" sticker, cover the cowling with stickers and make the engine look old.  Get a big cable and padlock for when on the dock, pass it through the engine handle and fuel tank handle too.  Thieves go for the easy targets, don't be one.  We check out the CSSN website to get a feel for an area and stay out of known bad areas (Like Souffriere Bay in StLucia). Why temp fate?
To keep things in perspective, I am far more concerned in any of the big cities stateside than anywhere in the Caribbean.

Hylas Discussion / Re: Security upgrades?
« Last post by Che Figata on October 20, 2022, 05:51:03 PM »
Hello Joel, we purchased ours from Swi-TEC.  They are called burglar bars for hatches. We had to do some adjustments to fit our hatch openings but we have been pleased with the quality and design. Now though we are thinking we need something more.

Zack and Jill
Hylas Discussion / Re: Security upgrades?
« Last post by joel on October 20, 2022, 05:44:01 PM »
Zack, Jill,

Can you tell me where you got the safety bars?  I've been considering 1 inch stainless tube.

Hylas Discussion / Re: Security upgrades?
« Last post by Che Figata on October 20, 2022, 05:17:56 PM »
Hello Hylas family. We would love to dive deeper on this topic and would appreciate the opportunity to connect with one or more of you who have installed a security system. We currently have safety bars for the large hatches and, of course, can secure the companionway.  We are interested in looking into options for external motion detectors with lights and or sounds. Though we have no intention of visiting some of the bays on St Lucia that have been the subject of some recent violent attacks those did open our eyes and we are embarking on a circumnavigation which will entail some solo sails without a group. External motion detectors clearly present some problems on a sailboat which is why we would like to understand if anyone has rigged anything that seems to work. We know that there are a lot of McGyvers in this group. Thanks, in advance, for additional guidance and recommendations.

Zack and Jill Hummel
SV Che Figata
Hylas Discussion / Re: Selden Mainsail furler servicing
« Last post by joel on October 18, 2022, 08:07:29 PM »
Thanks. Jeff Taylor had posted a link to the seals so I bought them on Amazon. It turns out the belt is also available on Amazon as a Gates 425-13
Hylas Discussion / Re: Selden Mainsail furler servicing
« Last post by tday01 on October 18, 2022, 04:05:21 PM »
I did this a couple of years ago. All standard industrial bearings and seals. I had the casing powder coated while I was at it.
Hylas Discussion / Re: Selden Mainsail furler servicing
« Last post by joel on October 17, 2022, 01:18:33 PM »
I spoke to the Selden guys at the boat show.  They no longer sell the service kit, and have outsourced all work to Florida Rigging and Hydraulics.

Are the seals standard industrial stuff?  Seems nuts to send the motor to Florida to have $5 seals replaced.

Hylas Discussion / Re: Edson steering cables on a 49
« Last post by joel on October 10, 2022, 12:37:48 AM »
Thanks for the info!
After talking to Edson and others I
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