Author Topic: 1990 Era Inverter-Charger Install in Multi Port/Starboard 12V Bank (Questions?)  (Read 351 times)

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My boat has separate charging systems for the house bank and the engine/windlass/bowthruster bank.  There is a tie switch which will link the two banks, but I consider that an emergency-must-start-the-engine-now switch that isn't used otherwise. 

The engine/windlass/bowthruster batteries are charged by the engine alternator or a 50amp battery charger.
The house batteries charge from an auxiliary alternator on the main engine, a big Outback inverter/charger, and solar & wind. 

I think separating the systems in this manner makes sense and your boat probably came from the builder the same way, with the windlass/bow thruster battery charging with the start battery.


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1990 Era Inverter-Charger Install in Multi Port/Starboard 12V Bank (Questions?)
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I am replacing my current Charles 30 amp charger with a 5000W/200 Amp Victron inverter/charger.  My current system is four 4 D batteries  (2 port/2 starboard) and then two additional start batteries for the engine (1) and genset (1) that have a A/B/Off switch.  I have no idea how the 2 additional batteries up front for the windlass/bow thruster get their charge from ( I haven't gotten that far yet).  If any of you have performed an upgrade of this kind on a 1992 era boat or have some words of wisdow...I am all ears.

1991 Hylas 51


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