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Hylas 49 Generators ?


Hi Rob
Many thanks for your reply that was just the information I needed but could you please help with a few other questions
What model number did you purchase?
Did you fit it, or have it fitted by a company?
Was your FP a 12v /24v dc model?

many thanks

Sorry, I am home and do not have any pics of our new Northern Lights gen.  We had the original Fisher Panda for about 10 years, but it became more and more trouble and we replaced it last winter in St. Lucia.  I think we have the 5K unit from Northern Lights and it sits in an enclosure in about the same space as the Fisher Panda at the back end of the engine compartment.  We oriented it so that the key maintenance points are on the port side, accessed through the doors in the master cabin head.  We only have 250 hours or so on the unit, but so far it has worked impeccably and we really love having a gen we can depend on.  It seems quieter that the FP unit.  Northern Lights run at a lower RPM and temp than the FP.  They seem to have a much better reputation than FP for repair frequency and dependability.

Hi all
back to the old chestnut " what generators works on the Hylas 49"

I have a few questions so please answer as many as you can I have yet again got problems with mine and am thinking of replacing it but with what is the question.
has anyone replace with a different on and if so what were the problems?

1) What make do you have size and manufacture, voltage output?
2) Is it located at the rear of the engine compartment?
3) would you purchase the same one again if you had to?
4) if the answer to No 3 is NO what would you purchase

Many thanks for your help please sent any photos to

If ay of you have Not got a Fisher Panda 4kv and have a picture of your gen set please can you email to me


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