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Hylas 46 or 49 for sale


S/V Seychelles:
On the other side of the world in beautiful Pacific Mexico, our Hylas 49 Seychelles is for sale. Email me at svseychelles@gmail,com for more info.

Hi My name is Derek I have a Hylas 49 for sale she is unfortunately in Vigo in Spain not the east coast but I would be more than happy to sail her there with you if that helps !  there is a web site for her if you are interested she is one of the only two manufactured for the European market and hence she is 12v not 24 but she is ready to sail off she has recently done the UK to the Azores and then to Porto.
Please see her web site and if you wish you can make contact with me on my mobile +4407768905418 or by email on Derek.manning@talk21,com

Prospective Owner:
Helllo - we are looking to purchase a 46 or 49. Preferably located on the east coast. If anyone is interested in selling, please let me know.


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