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Hylas 56 being sold as an Outbound 56

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It will be interesting to see if Outbound actually builds the 56.  Careful where the deposit goes if one were to take the plunge.  I am not an attorney but having endured Kyles program leads me to think escrow with a good attorney is a necessity.  Scratching my head wondering how/if Kyle can keep the mold with so many creditors after him.  They say the 1st 57 will be in Fl in a couple months with more behind it.  David (Peggys new hubby) just sold his 54 and is very excited about moving into a 57.

Kyle claimed he was going to call me but that was two months ago. I'll try again!

The bankruptcy case was transferred to Massachusetts, but very little has happened in the case.

If I were Outbound I would not touch the mold until the dust settles, as it is possible that the trustee will dispute the ownership or value of it.  I wonder if Dick's son is still there.

Just wondered if anyone here has any new updates on the 56? I heard that Outbound may or may not be producing this?  I had someone call, and wondered what the current status with it is, as they were considering purchasing a 56, either used or new.  I mentioned the 57, that Hylas is currently producing, but they didn't seem that interested in it, so for now, I advised used.
jay HY 56 #12

Interesting that the case was converted!  I guess Jackney did not want to pursue the claims against QL.
The case will likely be transferred to Massachusetts.    If the case is transferred, a trustee from Massachusetts will be appointed.



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