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Hylas 56 being sold as an Outbound 56

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Interesting that the case was converted!  I guess Jackney did not want to pursue the claims against QL.
The case will likely be transferred to Massachusetts.    If the case is transferred, a trustee from Massachusetts will be appointed.


Che Figata:
Many of us are caught up being "creditors" to HYI because of Kyle Jackney.  Amazing that Outbound would pick him up.  Can only be due to the hull molds.  I certainly hope that the bankruptcy proceedings prevent Kyle from proceeding with Outbound and he never works in this industry again.  The Chapter 11 was converted to a Chapter 7 this past week.

Thanks for posting this. We all want to know what is going on with our brand. Or we should.


Hylas still lists the 56 on its website.  Wonder if they made a few hulls before turning over the mold.

I heard at the Annapolis boat show that Outbound took at least one order for a 56. They must be pretty sure of the situation to do that.


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