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Water maker installation on My 46' Hylas

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Our H-46 Santosha came with a Spectra Catalina 300 MkII watermaker (13 gph) which has worked flawlessly for the three years we've owned the boat.  I've only pickled it once but the rest of the time its been in operation.  It is very automated and back-flushes itself with freshwater from the main tank every five days.  All I do is change the pre-filter when the panel tells me its time.  That takes about five minutes and its up and running again. We change the carbon backflush filter every six month per the manufacturer's instructions.

The unit is mounted under the centerline queen in the aft cabin - starboard side.  It takes up a fair amount of space but we love not worrying about having high quality water everywhere we go.  We mainly run it when we're under power or with the generator running but the draw isn't too horrific so you could run it at anchor if you have robust solar and wind charging.

Only downside is its a little noisy so we pick our times to make water - again meshing production with engine time or generator time solves that problem

Hope this helps.

Eric Powers
S/V Santosha H-46 #34

Hi John, I am seriously considering to buy a EcoSistems watermaker, compact 65/litros hour = 14 Gallons,  12 Volts , it is a company based in Barcelona-Spain,
 I make contact with many boat owners that are using their w/makers. The reviews are Very Good, the installation is very easy and the filters are cheap and easy to find.
The model that i like the most is the Water Pro compact 60, I got an estimate  today from the w/makers for 7.283.16

Thanks for your comments.

Danny Escobar
"Grand Cru 2"

John H:
If your considering a manual RO system you might consider Sun Pure, very reasonably priced compared to other brands.


brian black:
when we bought our H46, she already had installed a Spectra 200T with MPC controls.  I changed the installation to make it more compact, to save storage space, etc.  But still be maintainable.  The module with the membrane and clark pump went on the starboard side in the foward cabin, under the little desk.  useless space for storage, but the watermaker fit!  Also put the shurflo pump and accumulator in here.  the prefilters are at the back of the small locker, under the liquor cabinet.  Water intake and raw water screen under the forward cabin floor.  MPC control box under the starboard side salon bench, far forward.  I agree about getting a manual one,  simple is better, for remote areas.  I'm in the process of trying to convert ours to  be manual. 

The manual Spectra system is significantly lower in cost, but my understanding is that the automatic parts have reliability problems. We pickle our system twice a year as we move into poor water. It isn't difficult, nor is the maintenance when the system is running. The operating instructions are easily understood.

Burt Preston
H44 - 83


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