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Companionway security

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The string is getting a bit old but if you are still interested, I can send you a photo of how our external lock works. We also stow the board underneath the Nav Station and never had an issue. We had a two piece washboard just made so itís easier to manage while underway.

SV Cassiopee W

Thanks for the picture jt.  Was wondering- having same issue.
Gary H44 s/v Gusto

Our H54 has a simple barrel bolt on the inside.

brian black:
our 1996 H46 has the hole through the slider frame, a padlock keeps it from rolling forward, unless the rollers are worn or loose.  From inside I fabricated some turn handles that latch it, when we're asleep at night.  We also have a stainless steel frame that fits in the companionway opening, and gives more ventilation.  we put bug screen over that.  Also have security bars and bug screens on the large overhead hatches.  I'd attach photos, but don't quite see how to do  it  here. 

If anyone has photos of their companionway security I would love to see them.  Ultimately I'm going to have to fabricate something and I'm sure there are already some good solutions out there!

Thanks much!

s/v Nepenthe


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