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Re: Sling positions Hylas 56/54
« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2018, 09:46:46 AM »
I lift in the conventional positions for my 54.  The other thing I'd be concerned about when lifting from the position you mention is that it may be hard to tell if you have pulled back against the skeg OR are you snagged on your "prop"!!!! 

Are you having a problem with the unequal weight distribution?   I've lifted out all over the east coast and throughout the Med and have not had an issue yet by following the HYLAS recommended:

foward sling:  1' forward of the mast
back sling:     directly under the primary winch

Mark Powell
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Sling positions Hylas 56/54
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2018, 06:35:33 PM »
Every year I haul H56 #03 "ZARAFA", we place the fwd sling just fwds of the keel and the aft sling just aft of the keel in front of the prop shaft log.  This has two problems (1) the space between the keel and the shaft log is pretty tight, so you have to be extra careful with the aft sling to avoid getting it under the shaft, and (2) the weight distribution is very uneven - in cruising trim I get 45,000 lbs at the aft sling and 25,000 lbs on the fwd sling.

I was wondering whether it would be better to have the aft sling aft of the propeller, just fwd of the skeg.  The skeg would prevet it sliding back, and the hull curvature would prevent it from sliding fwds.  This would improve weight distribution (unless it turns out to be just as skewed in the other direction, with the fwd sling taking most of the weight).  Main concern I have about this arrangement is that the hull just fwd of the skeg may lack sufficient structure, whereas it is very beefy just aft of the keel.

If any H56/54 owner lifts the boat this way (fwd sling just fwd of keel & aft sling just fwd of skeg) I'd appreciate learning of their experience.

Maher Elmasri
H56 #03 ZARAFA


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