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H47/H49/H46 set of sails in excellent conditions


Captain Lou Orion:
Thanks for your enquiry.  I have a deal pending for all three sails, I will know within a couple days.  If that does not proceed we can move forward and I will send you all the info.

Captain Lou

Alan Steele:
Possibly interested in the jib. Can you send me the size and particulars?
H49 #64

I have H46 #38 how much you asking for this main?

Captain Lou Orion:
I still have a main, furling staysail and genoa from Blue Planet cluttering up my place in Fort Lauderdale.  These were used only two seasons and were offshore grade and professionally maintained.

Now is the time to find a new owner for them and do a win win transaction, or else I will place them in consignment and we'll both pay the middle man.

I expect the sails will also work with minor adjustments for a H46, which has a mast height just a foot shorter than the H47.

Please contact me for details and specs.  Happy spring sailing or refitting.


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