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Hylas 47/49 bronze strut vailable, new


Captain Lou Orion:

The shaft strut was pitted on my H47 Blue Planet and I had planned to replace it at the next haul out, so last year I acquired a new bronze casting from Queen Long who had one in stock, for $1200.  The same casting is used for both H47 and H49.

I have it from a very reliable source that the molds for H49 have been destroyed and the boat will no longer be made.  So I expect this replacement casting will be harder to get a hold of in future.

Irma took my boat but I have this casting in Ft Lauderdale along with all the nuts and bolts for it. The cutless bearing is already in it.  Of course it would make a nice anchor for a mooring ball, but I would rather find a new owner for it, as I am sure someone in the community will need this hard to find item at some point.

Price negotiable. Let me know if this is of interest, or please pass on to fellow owners, and thanks.


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