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Hylas 47 V berth and cockpit cushions for sale


Captain Lou Orion:
Here are pictures of the V berth and cockpit cushions.  I have more pics which I could send by email.

For a H49 the cushions will fit size wise but the two aft side cushions will need to be trimmed in a bit to accommodate your cut out around the helm.

Captain Lou

Captain Lou Orion,
We will be driving to Fort Lauderdale at the end of the month. Are you able to post pictures of the cushions you have? We have a Hylas 49.

Captain Lou Orion:

Salvaged from my Hylas 47 lost in Irma in St John VI were:

- A set of almost new V berth cushions, sunbrella navigation wheat color over 4" new foam

- A set of almost new cockpit cushions, sunbrella baycrest sky over 3" stay dry foam

I have these in Fort Lauderdale now and I need to pass them on to a new owner soon.

So if you are looking to refresh your cockpit and/or V berth, here is your chance.  Price negotiable. These will work for Stevens 47, H 47 and H49.

Happy sailing, refitting or whatever.


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