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Washing machine


We inherited a WM on board Genevieve Hylas 54 #50 and have rarely used it.  Here's the rub with the Caribbean we many go through t shirts and shorts and we have enough of those to last several weeks.  Sheets and towels are too bulky for the machine so we end up saving it all up and going to shore to hang at the local laundry.  Meanwhile the washing machine on board takes up valuable wine storage space and is hungry for water and power.  We'd rather have the wine.

Thanks for the feedback. We have elected to sail naked so no need for washer anymore.
(It wouldn’t fit anywhere!)

Have to agree with Bob on that one.  Just too many down sides to having them on board. Pretty rare anymore that you can't easily get it done anywhere on shore, and they just don't work very well.  We do understand however about admiral priority situations. You may have to barter with something else, say, custom mattresses, or something.  Good luck

I don't know why you would ever want one! Read past posts. We are so glad we passed on a boat which had one installed. Have your laundry done ashore--support the economy and meet the locals.

Bob Knapp
s/v Quintessa (H49-46)

For all you 49rs out there, the Aria refit saga continues, next issue is the washing machine that the admiral says is crucial.  What is working well and where did you locate it?
It seems like most are under the side cabin berth.  is splendid still the standard? 


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