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Disassembling H46 Nav-station stool or saloon table


Well just 15 minutes after I sent that email, I tried "pulling harder", and out it came:

Our saloon table has "threads" in one side and a handle/wormgear mechanism for raising and lowering, but our nav station stool is just inserted. (Looks like we've also got a brace at the bottom to keep the stool from wobbling. Not sure if that was from the factory or a nice addition from the PO.)

We've got the non-walkthrough two-desk nav station, and I've wanted to put a more comfortable chair in for a long time. But finding an ordinary comfy office chair is hard enough, without having pretty tight width limits so we can get it to swivel without getting stuck. I'm going to try to stick an Ikea Langfjall chair in the pedestal with a 3d-printed insert/brace. Fingers crossed, but I'm optimistic.



Ours simply unscrews from the arm by turning it in the counterclockwise direction.  It takes a lot of turns before it comes loose but if its like ours you'll see the seat rising higher and higher as you turn.

Our was very wobbly when we bought the boat so I made a bearing out of starboard plastic using a hole saw and inserted it  in the lower part of the cylinder to steady it some.  This works okay but even now its not the most comfortable chair to sit in.

Good luck.
H-46 #34

I'd like to attach a new chair to the stool pedestal in our nav station, but I can't seem to get the current seat off of the pedestal. The stainless steel pedestal appears to be of similar make to the saloon table, which has a sticker saying it was made by "White Marine Co Ltd". Has anyone taken one of these pedestals apart? Any tips? I can pull the top inner cylinder up about an inch, but not any further.

Here's what it looks like:

John Spiegel
Vesper, h46 #30


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