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Annapolis Bermuda race


Good luck and hoping for good wind for your route!  Make us all proud.  We will look for you in the Bay.


Hopefully we will see you on the Bay after we return from Bermuda.  The race is held on even years, so you have plenty of time to prep for the next one.

We have a good size fleet, but as of now, Atlantis is the only Hylas registered.


Sounds like a great time, racing is in my blood!  (My wife says I have to learn to be a cruiser now)  Unfortunately Aria will not be splashed until late June after a refit.  Maybe next year.... 

The Annapolis Bermuda race is June 8, 2018.  It will be my third, and my second on Atlantis.

This is a great excuse to sail to one of the nicest islands imaginable.  Most of the boats are cruisers, and the safety requirements are sensible and easily achieved given the standards to which our boats are built. (I prepped the boat in 4 weeks, but I don't recommend trying to do it that quickly.)

There is an early bird discount if you register by 12/31.  Best of all, if we can get enough Hylas' registered, there may be a special trophy awarded for best finish by a Hylas.  Visit for more info or contact me.
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