Author Topic: Hylas 47/49 or Stevens 47 sails for sale  (Read 3404 times)

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Re: Hylas 47/49 or Stevens 47 sails for sale
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2017, 03:04:03 AM »
Sorry to hear of you losing the boat. I have a Hylas 47 in St Petersburg and was spared, but it could have easily been otherwise. I have fairly new sails, but I was wondering if any hardware was salvageable from your boat in St Thomas?

- Grant
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Hylas 47/49 or Stevens 47 sails for sale
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2017, 06:10:31 PM »
Blue Planet my Hylas 47 was lost in Hurricane Irma's 185 mph winds in St Thomas VI.  The three sails for the boat were in storage during the storm and suffered no damage.  So I will be shipping the sails to Ft Lauderdale to find a new home for them.  So a lucky owner will get a suit of sails in excellent condition at a reasonable price.

All three sails were fabricated by National Sail Supply out of Florida, they use the Rolly Tasker loft in Thailand, and I have been very happy with them. I was able to design exactly what I wanted with the NSS rep in Florida who is very knowledgeable, and since this was my third set since I owned the boat 10 years, I had strong ideas after running the vessel around 30,000 miles.

The main has 3 reef points and 4 battens and is offshore grade 9 oz. Dacron.  The sail is set up for the Tides Marine Strong Track with slugs and batten pockets.  The battens themselves will not be available with the sail. This sail was fabricated a foot longer and a foot higher than the previous one as the space was available on the mast and boom so it works well upwind in light air, though on a tight close haul I tend to reef a bit earlier.  The sail is 2-3 years old and has been maintained in the quantum loft every season.  I've added  chafe protection on the luff where it gets bunched up for reef 1 and reef 2.  On Blue Planet the sail was covered by a "stack pack" type cover and I made very sure to always zip up the sail when not in use to prevent UV damage.  I was religious abou it because I failed to do that on my previous main and paid the price.

The genoa is a 24 foot long sail, with a J dimension for the Hylas 47 of 19 feet so that makes it just over 125%.  The UV strip is natural color (white) sunbrella.  A small  section of the UV strip (not the sail itself)  in the middle of the sail leech came unstitched so it was due for its annual maintenance in the shop.  That sail is two years old and in great shape, a beautiful sail when fully deployed.  It has a no 6 bolt rope as it lived on a Shaeffer 3100 furler.

Blue Planet has a Schaeffer 2100 roller furler on the baby stay so I had a new sail made specifically for that three years ago.  Also with natural white sunbrella UV strip.  I had the foot made to 12 feet which reaches just ahead of the forward lower shrouds.  I had it cut flat. It's a storm grade 9 oz dacron sail, strongly built with a number 6 bolt rope.  I've used it on many occasions in 30+ knots for long hauls offshore and it has not let me down.  Works amazingly well with a double reefed main in high winds on any point of sail.  (A big improvement over the previous hanked on staysail).

Due to hurricane challenges I was not able to take close up photos of the sails once they were off the boat.  But you can see the boat under main and genoa on the photo attached to this post.

I have not set a price yet.  If these sails can enhance your Hylas experience, let's talk.


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