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Boatyard for refit


There are a lot of yards near Annapolis that qualify (although the 'reasonable' part can be suspect).  Jabin is probably the most expensive.  Herrington Harbor North is less expensive and has excellent trades.  They all run their own shops, so you need to hire the rigger, electronics guy etc. separately.  The Hartge yard is smaller and may sub out some of the work.  I know Exuberance uses them, and I've known others to use them as well. 

We are looking for recommendations to do a refit on our 2005 Hylas 49 Delfina along the East Coast. We are currently located in Philadelphia and are planning to get Delfina ready for cruising and are looking for a boatyard that can handle all necessary work and is reasonably in priced. Any information is appreciated.
SV Delfina H49/hull49


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