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Hi Yan, we had our 46 painted last year and consequently needed to recolor the bottom as well. We are fully salt water and decided to not go back to Micron CSC on this boat (we used it on our previous boat; C-n-C 35 MK III).  We found the CSC, though ablative, just gives too much buildup and wanted a cleaner and harder paint for Nirvana.
After quite a bit of research and discussion with various vendors we went with Pettit Vivid which is a non-ablative but not hard racing type paint.  We only used one coat and will only do so each year to prevent buildup.

Thus far with considerable hours sailing the New England waters we are quite pleased with the choice.
We went with a custom mix of 1qt Black to 5gl white and used only about 2gl at most.  It went on very smooth with excellent coverage (we took the old paint down to barrier coat).

The result was a nice soft light grey complimenting the Awl hull and has not given way to waterline scum or degradation in the least.  We do occasionally lightly clean the waterline and are happy with the durability.

We all have our preferences, just passing along ours.

We are also on the GL's but Lk Mich. side. You could go with Micron CSC, as there's a chance that's what QL applied.  A lot of people here use VC17, but it would have to be removed if you ever go to salt water. CSC can work for both, although there's a lot of good bottom paints out there, and everyone has their favorites.  You do have to make sure the bottom is prepped right, as we found that the barrier coat was so smooth, that we had big patches come off, along with some peeling. Also, when your boat comes out for the winter, check that whoever power washes the bottom, doesn't get too aggressive, as that can cause problems.  Hope that helps.  Jay HY56 #12

Yes, sorry about that. GL means Great Lakes.

Right now Flying Lady H45#28 is at Irish Boat Shop in Charlevoix. We sail about 2000 miles / year mostly in Lake Huron, North Channel and the tip of Lk Michigan. Our plan is to continue sailing here in the Great Lakes for a few more years. After that we may take her down to the Caribbean.

Thanks, Yan

"GL"?  Great Lakes?

We're having Flying Lady's bottom painted this winter. We are located here in the GL and will be for the next few years.

I'm just starting to research my options.

Would greatly appreciate hearing about your experiences with types and color of paint?


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