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H-46 Stern Rails


Thank you Eric,
That is as I assumed but wanted to be sure.
VA is a bit of a hike for that minor mod. and in hindsight the seat mount would interrupt the outboard hoist and dome mounts.

Good luck,
Thanks again, Ken


The picture of the model is our arch and rails which are integrated. These are the basic rails that extend.forward to the third stanchion base. They have the folding seat hinge mounts and the integrated horseshoe ring racks. There is also a flag mount.


Eric, is the attached photo of the new rails or the old ones?
Interested in a photo of the old ones if you don't mind.
Thx, Ken

So glad the arch worked out for you! I recommended another 46 owner with a boat in Annapolis to consider the same solution as you did!
S/V Ambition H46 #40

Hi all,

Over the winter we had a very nice stern arch fabricated for our H-46 Santosha by DT Metals in Quebec, Canada.  The design was patterned after H-46 Ambition's arch which the same company built the prior season.  During the process we recognized that because we were doing everything remotely (our boat was in Virginia) and the cost of shipping large pieces across country is so high, it was more economical for them to simply build new stern rails than for us to ship them the old ones to integrate with the new arch.  So once the new arch and railings arrived in March, off came the old ones and on went the new ones, leaving us with an extra set of perfectly fine stern rails.

We have the extended rails that start about two feet in from the stern  and extend forward about 12 feet to the third set of stanchion bases.  There are folding seat attachment points on the old rails but we re-used our old seats. The new rails fit the old bases perfectly so our arrangement and measurements appeared to be very stock and should fit any boat of the same vintage.  We plan to sell our house soon so the rails, which are one of many targets of our de-cluttering plan, must go.  If any H-46 owners have damaged rails or ones they'd like to upgrade to the extended versions they are here for the asking.  Only catch is you'd be on the hook for either picking them up here in the Richmond, VA area or arranging and paying for shipping them to your location motor freight.  If there's no interest, I'll probably give them away elsewhere or cut them into smaller pieces and use parts of them for future fabrication projects.

I can send pictures and detailed measurements to anyone with interest in this.



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