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Primary and Secondary Anchor on Hylas 44

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brian black:
on our 46, we're using a 25kg Rocna as primary, on the bow.  seems to work well.  we also carry a FX-23 on the arch aft, primarily to use as a stern anchor.  and then an aluminum spade, in the lazarrette as a spare.  we don't carry a second anchor forward, I want to minimze weight in the bow.  plenty of water comes over, as it is. 

What anchor are people using on the twin bow rollers?  I currently have only a 45 lb CQR on the right roller with all chain.  I'm thinking of getting a second anchor on bow roller.  I'd like to oversize it for safety, like a 60 lb CQR.   I also have a fortress FX-23, that I'm considering for a stern anchor.  Also have a small bruce anchor but can't remember what size. The bruce came with the boat.  I think it was used as a stern anchor.    What anchor are people using on Hylas 44?  Or Hylas 46's?


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