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Hylas 46 Drawings and Measurements for Arch

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 We have an arch we're very happy with, in fact at least three others have been designed based on ours. I don't have drawings but can send all the pictures you need. Contact me directly at

We have a Hylas 49 and we had an arch fabricated by Metaux Produits this year. Alexandre came to scan the transom and take off the stern rail to integrate it into the new arch. They did a great job and I was able to work with the 3D file to engineer the swing arm to lower the dinghy past the transom steps. I don't know if they have a scan of the Hylas 46 transom, but I highly recommend them. (see attached image)
Christoph /H49/49

I have a S/steel arch installed in my 1996 46' Hylas, it was fabricated piece by piece went the boat was in the boat yard. Because I didnnt want to cut or modify any original s/s extension or pulpit.
Please let me know if you need more pictures or information.

Grand Cru 2

John, did you ever complete the arch project?  THis is definitely something on my to-do list so any/all information is welcomed.  Especially interested in cost if you had it fabricated in Canada and shipped to the States.


1997 H46


DT Metal Products in Quebec has a very detailed model of our 46. They are about to ship ours next w em. You can email me at Eric.powers@cardno.comand I can send you what have.  From there you'll want to contact Alexandre Lehaie
D.T. Metaux Produits
1120 3E
Grand Marie
Quebec G9T 7A5

He has built at least 2 arches for H46s


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