Author Topic: A/C unit location? Hylas 49  (Read 444 times)

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Re: A/C unit location? Hylas 49
« Reply #2 on: June 02, 2022, 03:27:35 AM »
Under the settee, near the mast is where I (re) installed ours. It's a 16k btu unit but it fits fine. The tricky part was routing the duct. I ended up cutting a hole just under the chain plate cover near the bulkhead for the vent, and squeezed flexible ducting over the port tank, up into that corner. I'll find some pictures of you are interested.



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A/C unit location? Hylas 49
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2022, 03:59:12 PM »
We have a single 10,000 BTU unit under the aft bed, but would like to be able to cool the salon.

Looking for recommendations on where to place a second unit.  Perhaps under the settee near the mast?  Or under the crew bunk?

(I know I'll need another 30 amp circuit)

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