Author Topic: Bow Thruster Retrofit on Hylas 46 #61  (Read 32 times)

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Re: Bow Thruster Retrofit on Hylas 46 #61
« Reply #2 on: November 24, 2020, 02:29:15 PM »
Whether our thruster was retro fitted on 46-53 I do not know, but it is very similar to the drawing. Difference is the chain locker floor extends to the bulkhead and a wide raised area, extending to 4-6 inches from the hull on each side so the locker drain holes can function, molded in it to provide clearance for the motor. There was a hatch thru the raised area for an access to the motor. This constantly leaked salt water and destroyed the motor so the hatch was fiberglassed over and a Bomar 12 X 18 cast aluminum hatch installed in the bulkhead above the shower seat. It all works well. JR


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Bow Thruster Retrofit on Hylas 46 #61
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2020, 09:41:27 AM »
Hi All,

Third time the charm?  I've tried to post from my phone twice and it just showed up as 'We ...'

We're the proud new owners of Mazu.  Hylas 46 #61.  She's currently in Naples, Italy and will spend the next couple years here before we move aboard in earnest.  While in the Med we plan on lots of short-handed and I would like to do some single-handed sailing.

Here's the rub. Mazu does not have a bow thruster, which makes med mooring a bit tricky.   For our well being we need to remedy the whole nose getting blown around bit.

I know there was a previous thread about bowthrusters on this forum.  If starting a new one is frowned upon, mea culpa.

I reached out to Queen Long for drawings/recommendations, they sent the attached and said that the forward holding tank would need to be reduced in size and it looks like it may have to be moved(?).  The white lines in the drawing are what we have and the red are what we need.  All this sounds like a serious undertaking.

From this forum and others, it appears that we have three options. 

1. Follow Queen Long's advice and put the bowthruster in the forward locker, just ahead of the bulkhead.  This would require resizing and (possibly) moving the holding tank.

2. Put the thruster against the bulkhead on the head/shower side - under the shower seat.  This would entail building a cabinet where the shower seat is.

3. Add an external thruster.   I understand that these are getting better and better, but are not ideal yet.  This could entail putting the access holes in the holding tank (is this even possible???) or under the shower seat.

We don't want to say 'cost is no object', but with putting two huge holes in the hull and fantasies of passage making in my head, we don't think this is something we want to scrimp on.

I am curious to hear your experience and thoughts and thank you in advance.

Todd & Mary


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