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Hylas Discussion / Re: Water maker installation on My 46' Hylas
« Last post by dannye on September 29, 2018, 12:15:48 AM »
Hi Burton, thanks so much for your comments, wonder why do you recommend the manual system/ it is probably cheaper - a good thing. But , can you be more specific,
we are leaving the boat docked or in boat yards in europe for at least 6 months every year.
will like to go with a system that has the easiest maintenance.
Thanks again.

Danny Escobar
"Grand Cru 2"
Hylas Discussion / Re: Water maker installation on My 46' Hylas
« Last post by burtpreston on September 27, 2018, 04:23:58 PM »
We installed a 12v Spectra watermarked on our H44 Exuberant eight years ago and have found it to work very well. We get about 9 gob and most importantly it only uses 1 amp/he per gallon. Most other units use 2 to 3 times that much power. We can often produce water at anchor in the Bahamas with just solar.

That leads to the first question when deciding on a watermaker, 12v or 110v? With the latter usage will require a generator or dock inverter(?) With a 12v system power can easily come from batteries, wind, solar, alternator (underway) or battery charger. So, you need to analyze how you will use the WM.

If you do go with a Spectra, I would get the manual system rather than the automatic system, it is not hard to use and the reliability is much better.

Burt Preston
H44 - 83. Exuberant
Hylas Discussion / Re: Hylas 46 Drawings and Measurements for Arch
« Last post by cspath on September 27, 2018, 11:11:35 AM »
We have a Hylas 49 and we had an arch fabricated by Metaux Produits this year. Alexandre came to scan the transom and take off the stern rail to integrate it into the new arch. They did a great job and I was able to work with the 3D file to engineer the swing arm to lower the dinghy past the transom steps. I don't know if they have a scan of the Hylas 46 transom, but I highly recommend them. (see attached image)
Christoph /H49/49
Hylas Discussion / Re: Topping Lift?
« Last post by Stevens47 on September 27, 2018, 04:05:46 AM »

Great points. We have a Stevens 47 (predecessor to the Hylas 47 and 49) with a Furlboom in boom furler.  In six years zigzagging about the Pacific fulltime here are our observations on the topping list.

- we used to use to use the topping lift to establish the correct boom angle before furling.  We then changed the gas cylinder in our Selden rigid boom to the most powerful they offer. Now the rigid vang pushes the boom up as far as the sheet or vang line will allow.
 - we normally move the topping list to the base of the mast for most passages but at anchor (where we spend most of our time) the topping lift is reattached to the boom along with a Handy Billy down to the toerail to stop the boom bouncing in the rolls. The topping lift also supports people walking on the boom for maintenance or just getting up a high concrete dock wall.
-  nice to use the topping lift for a back up halyard when getting hoisted aloft on the main halyard.
- we have never had a problem with our main halyard but it never hurts to have easy backups offshore.


Hylas Discussion / Re: Topping Lift?
« Last post by Sailsteady on September 25, 2018, 10:44:50 PM »
Jim, it sounds like we essentially have the same set-up.  Not sure I ever thought about the use of the topping lift to position the boom for furling the main, but then again, this is my first furling main and I'm definitely still in learning mode to the nuances! 

Although there is probably plenty of redundancy with the rigid vang, I went ahead and ordered another topping lift anyways.  It may see good use as a spare halyard one day and since it doesn't interfere with the mains'l, I figured what the heck?!

s/v Nepenthe
Hylas Discussion / Re: Companionway security
« Last post by Sailsteady on September 25, 2018, 10:41:57 PM »
If anyone has photos of their companionway security I would love to see them.  Ultimately I'm going to have to fabricate something and I'm sure there are already some good solutions out there!

Thanks much!

s/v Nepenthe
Hylas Discussion / Re: Companionway security
« Last post by Ripple on September 25, 2018, 01:35:55 AM »
On our previous boat we had to lock the companionway hatch from the outside then shimmy down a deck hatch to enter the boat. Thankfully, our Hylas has a pretty heavy duty metal channel fastened to the underside of the lexan slider that holds a lever that moves deadbolts into each side of the fixed companionway.
Hylas Discussion / Re: Topping Lift?
« Last post by Ripple on September 25, 2018, 01:22:47 AM »
Dan, we have a spring loaded semi-rigid vang, one that supports the boom but can be pulled down by the vang control or mainsheet. We also have in-mast furling which requires fairly precise location of the boom when furling. Locking the boom in position with the mainsheet and topping lift is convenient when furling. That, an extra halyard, and support if we need to use the boom to lift from the water is why we keep it.
Hylas Discussion / Re: Companionway security
« Last post by joel on September 24, 2018, 10:30:23 PM »
How do people lock the slider when in the cabin? 
Hylas Discussion / Re: Hylas 46 Drawings and Measurements for Arch
« Last post by dannye on September 24, 2018, 10:22:15 PM »
I have a S/steel arch installed in my 1996 46' Hylas, it was fabricated piece by piece went the boat was in the boat yard. Because I didnnt want to cut or modify any original s/s extension or pulpit.
Please let me know if you need more pictures or information.

Grand Cru 2
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