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Hylas Discussion / Re: Fridge/Freezer lid gas shock pressure?
« Last post by Ambition on August 07, 2019, 07:45:52 PM »
When I inquired with Queen Long a few years ago for our 46 Ambition, they provided the following information:

We can provide the current gas shocks (ST30-40-5 ATTWOOD SS 8MM EXT 10" CMP 7") with brackets (SL58SSP3-7 ATTWOOD SM 90D BRKT W/10MM  B) model we used for fridge lid for current boats.

We purchased them and had no issues at all.
Hope this helps you!
Merrill and Maryse
S/V Ambition H46 #40
Hylas Discussion / Fridge/Freezer lid gas shock pressure?
« Last post by tulsag on August 07, 2019, 07:37:15 PM »
Does anyone know the gas pressure orderedo by Hylas in the fridge and freezer gas shocks for the top opening fridge and freezer doors?  I'd like to replace both gas shocks but I can't read the pressure on my Attwood shocks. Attwood says that the gas pressure is stamped into the rod or the cylinder. Looks like SL-15-60 in some models.  The final two numbers are the pressure (60psi).   In other models, N180 could be used and that would indicate 180psi.

Mark Powell
Hylas Discussion / Re: Solar Panel Installation on an H46
« Last post by Ripple on August 03, 2019, 02:02:58 AM »
Dan, under the forward area of the aft bunk is a storage locker followed by a 70 gal water tank. Behind the water is the battery box for the three 8dís followed by the pulley box for the steering quadrant. A second 57gal water tank is under the aft portion the the forward bunk.
Hylas Discussion / Re: Solar Panel Installation on an H46
« Last post by Ambition on August 02, 2019, 12:49:23 PM »
The distance from the MPPT controllers at the nav table to the batteries is about 5-8 feet in our installation if my memory is correct.

Hylas Discussion / Re: Solar Panel Installation on an H46
« Last post by Sailsteady on August 02, 2019, 12:43:51 PM »
Merrill and Maryse,

Thanks for your reply and detailed description of the wire run.  Seems like that is definitely the best path to take so that's what I will be doing as well.  It sounds like your installed both of your MPPTs at the Nav Station rather than closer to the batteries, or is it just the breakers that are near the nav station?  If I'm understanding this solar stuff, it sounds like they recommend putting the MPPT as close to the battery bank as possible to reduce the size of the wires necessary comping out of the MPPT.  I still need to do some more research on the topic!!!

Thanks again for your reply, it is greatly appreciated!


s/v Nepenthe
Hylas Discussion / Re: Solar Panel Installation on an H46
« Last post by Sailsteady on August 02, 2019, 12:37:18 PM »

Greatly appreciate the description of your boat layout and solar set-up.  It's interesting that your 8D house bank is under the aft cabin bunk around the steering quadrant.  Does that mean you had to give up the aft water tank in that same location, or did you just put a smaller tank in its place?  I've been looking at doing solar wings as well on each side of the boat which it seems more and more people are doing.  At a minimum, however, I'm going to install one large panel on the davits perpendicular to the boat.  I will take some photos and follow-up for future owners once I'm complete.



s/v Nepenthe
Hylas Discussion / Re: Solar Panel Installation on an H46
« Last post by Ambition on July 29, 2019, 08:45:04 PM »
On Ambition we opted to have an arch installed on which we have 2 X 175W solar panels as well as our 450W MarineKinetex wind generator. All the 8 Ga wires run down the back leg of the arch on the port side and into the locker. From there the wires run behind the wood panels in the aft cabin, behind the cupboards in the aft head and into the nav table area. The Blue Sky MPPT controller for the solar panels and the MPPT controller for the wind generator both have breakers so that they can be removed from the charging system on board. These two systems ONLy charge the house batteries which are located under the port settee and the forward berth.

Merrill and Maryse
S/V Ambition H46 #40
Hylas Discussion / Re: Getting replacement Antal winch motor
« Last post by tday01 on July 29, 2019, 07:19:40 PM »
If you are sure it's the motor, there are companies that specialize in rewinding and repairing electric motors. It may be cheaper than getting a replacement from Antal.

Here is a random link to one I found with a quick google  for Newport:
Hylas Discussion / Re: 2019 Hylas Rendezvous - September 6 - 8 in St. Michaels, MD
« Last post by joel on July 29, 2019, 06:31:11 PM »
I doubt I can make the 'race, but I may sail over Saturday.

Hylas 44
Sponsored by Hylas & David Walters Yachts

This year's event will begin with a group sail and friendly race from Annapolis to St. Michaels, Maryland with the rendezvous being hosted at the St. Michaels Marina. The fleet will depart Annapolis at 10 AM on Friday, September 6th. The race to St. Michaels is expected to take between 3 to 4 hours. Check-in begins at 1 PM at the marina.

We'll kick the rendezvous off with food and drinks served from the host boat, the new Hylas M44 at 2 PM followed by dinner and live music at 5 PM at Foxy's Harbor Grill and tiki bar right next door to the marina.

Saturday, breakfast, and mimosas will be enjoyed from the host boat at 10 AM followed by a private tour of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum at 1 PM. Leaving time for everyone to enjoy and explore the local area, we will serve a Maryland themed crab cake and chowder dinner complete with everyone's favorite, pain killers and rum punch! We'll also have some great prizes and gifts for everyone!

Before saying farewell and concluding the 2019 Rendezvous, everyone is invited to join the Hylas and David Walters Yachts crew at Muskrat Park for fresh fruit, pastries, crepes, and coffee starting at 10 AM. Check-out time is noon.

Full event details, including the rally point for the race and the final itinerary for the weekend, will be e-mailed to all attendees on September 1st. We look forward to seeing you at the 2019 Hylas Rendezvous!

Full details will be e-mailed out on September 1st

Friday, September 6th
10 AM - Race to St. Michaels
1 PM - Check-in at the St. Michaels Marina
2 PM - Welcome reception at the Host Boat
5 PM - Mix and Mingle at Foxy's Harbor Grille

Saturday, September 7th
10 AM - Breakfast, and mimosas served from the Host Boat
1 PM - Private tour of the Chesapeake Maritime Museum
6 PM - Maryland themed dinner - Crab Cakes & Bisque at the Host Boat

Sunday, September 8th
10 AM - Sunday morning breakfast and farewell at Muskrat Park
12 PM - Check out from the St. Michaels Marina

To RSVP, either contact:  David Walters Yachts at (954) 527-0664

Slips at St. Michaels marina are $4.25 / ft. with a 2-night minimum stay (Friday & Saturday). After making your RSVP with Amanda, please contact the marina reservation line at (410) 745-2400. Be sure ask for Anne and to let her know you are with the Hylas/David Walters Yachts group! A credit card will be required to reserve your slip. Free cancellations must be made 48 hours before your reservation. For attendees who choose to anchor out, there is a suitable anchorage a short distance from the marina with water taxi service available. Space in the anchorage is limited.
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