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Hylas Discussion / Re: New Standing Rigging and SSB on backstay
« Last post by tbglynn on April 11, 2019, 07:55:00 PM »

On Egraine (H44/45.5 #84, (1991) some of our rig is probably original, although I have replaced the backstay and, after a knockdown, replaced the starboard lower because it had three ruptured strands.  We inspect the rig annually and before each passage.  The fittings are the focus, not the wire.  It's hard to believe that 1x19 rigging wire would itself fail catastrophically, but if you detect meat hooks, it's time to change it out. 

We have a SSB.  We also have a hardwired Globalstar phone and a handheld Iridium phone.  If I were to revisit the SSB, I wouldn't bother.  I might invest in a good passive receiver because there is information to be gleaned on the SSB nets, but not a lot of value in being able to transmit when you could make a phone call with a more satisfactory connection (albeit greater expense).  I am not a radio geek and always have a bit of a wrestling match getting the damn thing to work when I decide to transmit.  And I never did get the weather fax component to work and am just as happy getting OCENS weather data over the phone connection.  So, if you are a gearhead and a geek, by all means get the SSB.  There is an argument to be made that the SSB will save you money, but you can make a lot of phone calls for the $5-6,000 it'll cost to install it.

Tim Glynn

Hylas Discussion / Re: Measuring tank capacity
« Last post by Sailsteady on April 11, 2019, 07:39:14 PM »
Nice!  I'll need to put that on my list of things to upgrade in the coming months!

Hylas Discussion / Re: Measuring tank capacity
« Last post by joel on April 11, 2019, 07:33:30 PM »
The dowel was aboard when I bought Atlantis.  I just guesstimate.  With the gauges installed, the dowel is only used when I’m low on fuel to verify the tank reading.  Installing gauges is not that hard.  I put the sending units in the inspection ports to keep metal shavings out of the tank.  I went with a WEMA gauge that connects to 7 senders so there is only one hole at the nav station
Hylas Discussion / Re: Measuring tank capacity
« Last post by Sailsteady on April 11, 2019, 07:17:21 PM »
Thanks for the response Joel!  Unfortunately, my tank caps do not have any rods attached to them which is probably something that is missing!  I'm assuming your 1/8" dowel is home made and so is it marked in some fashion or do you simply guestimate based on the height of the fuel in the tank?

s/v Nepenthe
Hylas Discussion / Re: Measuring tank capacity
« Last post by joel on April 11, 2019, 07:05:20 PM »
My 44 came with a dowel about an 1/8th inch in diameter.  There is a cap that unscrews on the top of the tanks.  It has a stainless rod attached, but it is too hard to read.
 I’ve since added gauges.  I also carry a second dowel for the water tanks.
Hylas Discussion / Forepeak Leak
« Last post by sjohnson on April 11, 2019, 02:37:00 PM »

In recent passage on our Hylas 54, we noticed the bilge pump running about every 15 minutes.  We were taking frequent water over the bow.   There are two drain hoses that appear to drain the forward sail locker area and forward holding tank area to the bilge.  The water appeared to be coming from one of those drains, however we could not get a definitive visual of that.  Once we stopped taking seas over the bow, no more water.  Initially, we assumed the sail locker dog was not secure, as we had had that happen once before.  Upon inspection, the dogs were secure.  Once we were in a position to inspect the sail locker area, we were surprised to find everything dry and no indication of any water leakage.  We further tested the hatch and all fittings in that area with high volume water hose.  No leaks found.  We are a bit mystified where the sea water was coming from.  We could find no indication of leakage in any of the other compartments,  like around the bow thruster, etc.  One speculation was somehow getting leakage from the anchor locker into the area under the sail locker where the forward holding tank is located, even though we can see no indication of this and it should certainly not be possible.

Any one ever experience a similar situation and have any advise?

Scott Johnson
SV L'ame Libre - H54 #22
Hylas Discussion / Re: Maxwell 2200 Windlass Question
« Last post by Sailsteady on April 10, 2019, 11:36:09 PM »
Thought I would follow-up with some of the custom fabrication work completed today to get the Mantus 85 to fit snugly in the bow roller and address the deck flexing around the windlass which had been present with the smaller Bruce anchor.

Step 1: Come up with a custom fabrication and design to prevent the deck from flexing under the heavy load caused by the windlass pulling on the heavier load. It was probably overkill but that's how I roll. The design is similar in concept to the tie-rod on my last boat (Endeavour 35) which is used to tie the deck around the mast collar to the keel step and keep it from flexing upward. Instead of a single rod, we did some custom fabrication along with a used turnbuckle for infinite adjustments. This design was rock solid today when pulling the anchor up onto the windlass.

Step 2: Because the shank on the Mantus is a little wider than the groove on the Hylas 46 stock anchor roller, I had the groove widened and deepened slightly so that the anchor now sits inside of the groove and nests very tightly. No side to side motion at all!

Step 3: Unfortunately the anchor retrieval hole at the top of the anchor was just slightly off for the bow roller securing pin to pass through. Solution: disassemble the anchor briefly in order to fit the shank on the drill press. We drilled out the existing hole another 1/2" and now the pin passes through flawlessly and locks the anchor down to the anchor roller.

s/v Nepenthe
1997 H46

Hylas Discussion / Measuring tank capacity
« Last post by Sailsteady on April 10, 2019, 01:48:25 PM »
Greetings all!

I'm curious if anyone knows what Hylas' intent was for measuring fuel tank levels on the earlier H46s?  Since there are no fuel tank gauges on my boat nor a factory gauge stick, it's pretty much a guessing game.  Has anyone made their own gauge stick to determine remaining gallons in each of the tanks?

I recognize there are plenty of aftermarket solutions available for measuring remaining volume but I'm wondering what the original intent was from the factory.  Maybe there was a factory dipstick which is no longer on my boat?

Thanks in advance.

s/v Nepenthe
1997 H46
Hylas Discussion / New Standing Rigging and SSB on backstay
« Last post by Ganesha on April 09, 2019, 12:34:48 AM »
Hi fellow boaters, I am new to this forum. New owner as well of a 1995 H49. Looks like I found several cracks in the standing rigging. Had it inspected by Mack Sails in Stuart, Fl. and looks like my rigging is all original. They suggest all new standing rigging. I am afraid of the $$$. Getting an estimate tomorrow morning.
Since I am getting new wire I was thinking of getting a SSB antenna installed on the backstay. The boat currently is not set up for SSB and does not have a radio down below at the Nav Station. Is it worth it in today's world of Iridium phones and the like to install an SSB?
Hylas Discussion / Grenada
« Last post by Four Winds on April 07, 2019, 04:33:25 PM »
My wife and I are ‘flying’  :-\ down to Grenada for a couple of weeks of R&R on the 9th of April and would love to connect with some fellow Hylas owners.
If your up for sharing few boating stories over a cold beer Please drop me a note

Mike M
H49 #63
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