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Hylas Discussion / Where to find Electric Panel Engraving labels?
« Last post by tulsag on Today at 04:35:57 PM »
I have a 2004 Hylas 54 and I have several black (12v) and red (120v) engraved labels that screw into the electric panel that need to be updated/replaced. Does anyone have a source that matches the existing font and plate size with proper hole placement?  Does Queen Long still do them the same on the 56's (I doubt it)?  I know a little booth in a parking lot in Ft Lauderdale made close copies but they closed down. :(

Hylas Discussion / Re: High amp draw and slow speed up for Antal 66 winch
« Last post by Ripple on Today at 02:41:00 PM »
Our relays are separate from the winch, accessed from a ceiling panel near the winch. As I recall, it is a black plastic box roughly 2X2x4 inches.  It is somewhat awkward to gain access to due to space limitations but easy to open and repair once it is in your hands. As I recall, the contacts could be rotated to provide fresh contact points, but don't hold me to that. JR
Hylas Discussion / Re: Seeking crew Fiji to New Zealand
« Last post by Dave Brennan on Today at 06:37:00 AM »
We were going to start looking for a weather window on Oct 10. I'm checking with some contacts in NZ about potential crew sources and will let you know what I find.
Is the realy separate from the winch motor assemble - meaning the switches are wired to the realys which have the high amperage cables?
Hylas Discussion / Re: Stanchions for 45.5
« Last post by on August 16, 2018, 06:56:29 PM »
Thanks Joel,
I found a place a little closer to home. They repaired the damaged stanchions and I can't tell there was ever an issue with them.

If anybody is looking for an a skilled marine fabrication company with incredible customer service I highly recommend CMI Marine Products in Weymouth MA.
Hylas Discussion / Re: 44 rudder removal
« Last post by Sailingalice on August 16, 2018, 04:14:57 PM »
Thanks for your input

We are having a survey done at the end of the month

Hope the be joining the owners club soon.

Blake and Erica
Hylas Discussion / Re: New to us Hylas 54 lists to port
« Last post by jay on August 16, 2018, 01:44:20 PM »
Our old 46 had a port list also (our 56, not really).  I tried keeping starboard tanks full, moved a battery over, etc.. It helped some, but I thought it too, was just a design issue.  Then, when we raced it, we took the primary anchor off the port side, along with 200+- feet of chain.  The bow raised about 3"s, but also a lot of the list went away.  Who would have thought being near the bow?  Not saying that it will help with the 54, but you might try it. thanks-jay
Hylas Discussion / Re: High amp draw and slow speed up for Antal 66 winch
« Last post by Ripple on August 16, 2018, 12:59:57 PM »
This happened to us also. I disassembled the relay and cleaned up the contacts. It fixed our problem. JR
Hylas Discussion / Re: Seeking crew Fiji to New Zealand
« Last post by Solitude on August 16, 2018, 11:58:39 AM »
Hello Dave.   This s good to read…   Good luck.    What sources are you using to find crew?   

Are you planning to leave at about the same time?   We know a bunch of boats that came over with us on the ARC that are also leaving from Fiji.   Perhaps we can all coordinate SSB check-ins with each other as we travel…. 
Hylas Discussion / High amp draw and slow speed up for Antal 66 winch
« Last post by Dave Brennan on August 16, 2018, 09:42:21 AM »
We have dual Antal 66 primary winches on our H54. One seems to work normally and draws about 50 amps running. The other starts slowly then speeds up to normal in about 15 seconds, but draws over 100 amps. This happens whether or not the winch is engaged to the motor. Does this indicate windings going bad, an issue with the gear box, or something else entirely? Is this fixable without replacing the winch motor?
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