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Hylas Discussion / Re: Lots of Hylas' for indication of something?
« Last post by Che Figata on May 21, 2018, 01:26:43 AM »
We would agree with Crafty as well.  Zack and I are in that “sweet spot” of many Hylas owners: recent empty nesters, still working but planning on retiring soon(ish) and then living aboard and sailing Che Figata (Italian slang for “Totally Awesone”) for as long as we are able.  We spent years searching for the right boat and our research (as well as our hearts) kept leading us to Hylas.  We feel incredibly fortunate to now own Che Figata, having purchased her from Doug and Kristine Robinson (they called her Dharma) about a year ago.  We attended the Newport boat show in 2017 specifically so that we could meet the 3rd generation and were very impressed.  Though we haven’t had the pleasure of sailing with them yet, we found them committed to carrying on the Hylas legacy of quality while adapting to today’s buyer, knowledgeable, curious about what we thought worked well and what we thought could be improved and, importantly, interested in looking for ways to increase the value of the brand beyond building great boats.  These are tough times in the industry because the market is contracting but we are rooting for them because, aside from our interest in a vibrant Hylas commmunity, we believe they are working hard to take the brand to the next level by building upon their tradition of quality and delivering even greater value to the family of Hylas owners.   

Zack & Jill Hummel
S/V Che Figata
Hylas Discussion / Re: Lots of Hylas' for indication of something?
« Last post by LW3040 on May 20, 2018, 08:05:02 PM »
Yeah, I'd have to agree more with Crafty than with nesscapade regarding the 3rd generation of management and the future of Hylas. I can say that based on having shown both our H46 and H56 in eleven east coast boat shows since 2012, including Newport and Annapolis 2017. I'm sure many readers of this blog have visited us aboard SparrowHawk during those shows. I have also been to the Queen Long yard four times during our two builds and observed the organization and operation and mingled with the 70-odd workers.

Without commenting on the complicated details of the transition away from the Marblehead distributorship, I have to say that the youthful energy, enthusiasm and commitment are genuine, and, I think, they know what's at stake. The new, top two "3G" officials are the offspring of the current owners, Joseph and Jane, not outsiders. They know there's a lot riding on their success or failure as a business and as a family brand. Some of the accompanying personnel at the 2017 Shows were Taiwanese from the factory and not English-proficient. They came over to the U.S. to help out at the shows, to demonstrate commitment, and to put a new face on the brand. Newport 2017 was also the first show for the new team. So yeah, some might have seemed uncertain or shy if not flat out intimidated. I can only imagine putting the shoe on the other foot and trying to host a show in Taiwan where few speak English and I know not one word of Mandarin. I would be a total disaster at it, even IF I knew anything about the product!

It's a huge leap that Queen Long is attempting with the new models and their more contemporary styles, and it remains to be seen if they evolve successfully. But their pedigree is experienced engineering, quality craftsmanship and unsurpassed customer support. That will never change. They're not perfect, no, but everything I've witnessed convinces me that they try every day to improve. I can think of more than a few U.S. companies who could take a cue from them.

As for nesscapade's legitimate question of are there an unusual number of Hylases are on the market, I think he offers some obvious possibilities. But I'm not a broker or even a market observer, so any opinion I might have about that is without merit.

Larry & Colleen Wertsch
s/v SparrowHawk
Hylas Discussion / Re: Lots of Hylas' for indication of something?
« Last post by Crafty on May 19, 2018, 08:14:16 PM »
Hi Folks,

I have been a fan of the Hylas brand for years and I’m now fortunate enough to own my own H54 which I sail offshore in excess of 3000 miles each year. Prior to that Ive sailed on a H70 for several seasons to the Virgin Islands from Annapolis and Newport. I’m very familiar with the brand and the performance of several Hylas models.

Over the years, Hylas has built over 500 yachts. They have produced award winning designs drawn by some of the worlds most acclaimed naval architects. Nobody can debate the reputation of the build. Now the company is going into its 3rd generation and from what I can see from my vantage point is that the brand is continuing their excellent reputation for building high quality offshore luxury performance yachts.

Just as the 1st and 2nd generations of family at Hylas made changes in design that led to modern classics like the H46, H49, H54, H56 and H70, the 3rd generation of family members will make changes to design as well to create tomorrow’s modern classics. Its the evolution of the brand. They’re using the same quality, same yard, same carpenters, same navel architects including German Frers and the exciting addition of Bill Dixon and Dean Salthouse to the mix both who are extremely successful in their field.

It’s not fare or appropriate to insinuate that there might be “an indication of something” What ever that means regarding the 3rd generation of Hylas family members because you saw them using a smart phone. They deserve our support and respect. We as owners and investors of their brand should give that to them (most do). They’ve earned that. They grew up in the yard building boats and they know far more about that business and the intricacies of the building quality yachts than we ever will.  Its an extremely difficult business to be competitive in and the 3rd generation has made the pledge to continue the quality build while evolving the brand so that they don’t become a company that ignores the quality of the build until the keel falls off 500 miles offshore like another popular “quality luxury brand” which has obviously stoped caring about their customers. Thank god that is not the case with Hylas.

Ive been to several boat shows over the past year and have had many conversations with the current generation, their parents and the current staff/team that spans both generations and I can assure you that despite your 3rd generation worries, The 3rd generation and the team that they have put together is working incredibly hard to prove themselves and build the best yachts Hylas has ever produced. They’re getting involved and getting out on the water and not just day sailing. They are passage making thousands of miles each year with owners while asking those owners for input to make the brand better. To say they are inexperienced and “obviously not sailors” is wildly and irresponsibly inaccurate. If you are lucky enough to sail with the members of the the 3rd gen or anybody who works with Hylas for that matter as I and many others have,  you will know exactly what I’m talking about. We are lucky to have them instead of some rich tech barron who’s just bought a new toy to play with and get bored of. Lets get behind the brand and support them. (I know many do) We owe it to them and we owe it to ourselves.

I’m looking forward to seeing and meeting many Hylas owners at the rendezvous that I hear will be scheduled for this year right after the Newport show.
Hylas Discussion / Re: Ground Wire - Rudder Skeg / Shoe Hylas 46
« Last post by Ambition on May 19, 2018, 03:07:07 PM »
That upload / download worked just fine. Thank you for sharing!
Hylas Discussion / Re: Ground Wire - Rudder Skeg / Shoe Hylas 46
« Last post by KSabatini on May 19, 2018, 12:28:51 PM »
Ok, trying this again.  May have been a file name issue (iCloud file names are random characters and long).

Worked for me after I posted it but be warned, the images are large and will not appear properly if viewed within the forum.  I recommend saving them locally before viewing.

also, I apologize for the readability of the text, these were taken with a scan utility while the prints lay on the floor.  if you need close-ups of a given section i’ll be happy to retake, just let me know.


Hylas Discussion / Re: Hylas 49 fueling
« Last post by Moonlight on May 18, 2018, 04:46:22 PM »

I would like to see your tank charts.  I've been thinking I need to calibrate the depth to fuel quantity since the tanks are "T" shaped the last amount in the bottom could be used fairly quickly.  I would assume that all the 49's have the same tank shape. 

Hylas Discussion / Re: Ground Wire - Rudder Skeg / Shoe Hylas 46
« Last post by Ripple on May 18, 2018, 03:17:33 PM »
Ken, I am envious of your dry bilge. The leaking probably starts when the shoe on the skeg is either removed and not properly re-bedded or stresses on the rudder/skeg when sailing break the bond between the skeg and shoe. Even then, as water fills the skeg, it might not get past the thin layer of glass covering the skeg at the hull. BTW, I also could not download your drawings although the counter indicated that I tried.

Jim Ripple
H 46-53
Hylas Discussion / Re: Ground Wire - Rudder Skeg / Shoe Hylas
« Last post by KSabatini on May 18, 2018, 12:57:52 AM »
Merrill, it appears these attachments have been downloaded 19 and 16 times respectively. 
We’re you or anyone else able to successfully download them?  (As opposed to viewing them by clicking on them?)

P.S.  apologies for the lack of clarity in the images.  These are large blueprints and taking the pic with my iPhone and subsequently my iPad did not provide a good image at that size.
If anyone is interested in a closeup of a particular section of the drawings in more detail,let me know and i’d Be happy to post it with a better view.

Hylas Discussion / Re: Yanmar 4JH series oil related questions
« Last post by KSabatini on May 17, 2018, 02:04:13 PM »
Actually the oil pressure is measured at the block by the oil pressure “sender”.  The Sender gains resistance as pressure rises.  The guage at the panel is ‘electrically’ connected to the sender and displays the measured resistance in analog form. 

You can inspect the sender which on the JH series engine is located above and aft of the filter on the block.  [ref. Yanmar user manual for JH series marine engines Section X II & Yanmar JH Service manual Section 1-3,4,5 “Views” and the piping diagrams on Sections 7-1,2,3,4 covering the four JH series engines]

You can also see the electrical path via the wiring diagrams for the various panels in section 9 Electrical 9-3,4,5,6 for the various engine/panel configurations.  These note the “L. O. Pressure Switch” (electric pressure {resistance} limit trigger switch)  if you have a guage on your panel the Switch (on the block) will have been replaced with a sender.

There is no pressure drop between the engine and the guage, it is electrical.  That would be a very bad design as you risk oil leakage at and between the panel and block.  Additionally head (rise/run) does not reduce pressure in oil, oil and liquids do not compress thus no loss.

Low oil pressure should be attended to.  Typically low oil pressure results from clogged filters, pipes, or wrong/bad oil.  On rare occasions may be a result of a bad oil pump but this is difficult to determine without removal and inspection.  Also though minorly, your crank shaft actually contributes to oil pressure.

I can post page copies of the notes diagrams if anyone is interested.

Hylas Discussion / Re: Ground Wire - Rudder Skeg / Shoe Hylas 46
« Last post by Ambition on May 17, 2018, 01:53:52 PM »
K Sabatini,
You please take another shot at uploading the drawings. The files in your post were blank
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