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Hylas Discussion / Re: Brunton Sigma Drive coupler - I'm a believer
« Last post by joel on Today at 12:08:55 PM »
Thanks for the info.  Another sailor I know installed one and also loves it.
Hylas Discussion / Brunton Sigma Drive coupler - I'm a believer
« Last post by Woody1 on July 04, 2020, 09:47:01 PM »
Sharing this experience for anyone contemplating replacing your transmission to shaft coupling:
(Let me preface this with the following - I have no financial or other interest in Bruntons or King Propulsion.)
During pre-purchase survey of our now new-to-us 1998 H46 we noted that the coupling had a lot of corrosion, so we made a note to have a closer look once we pulled the boat onto the hard for some seacock replacements. It was so corroded that we had to cut it off in order to pull the shaft for inspection. When we pulled the shaft, we discovered that it had a lot of wear, and would need to be replaced. So, since I was going to need a new coupler, and I had just read an article on the Sigma Drive (Sail, May 2020), I ordered one from King Propulsion. The new drive train performed flawlessly, and I'm convinced that some of the vibration reduction is thanks to the Sigma Drive. The reduction in vibration was amazing. It's a nice piece of kit, not much more expensive than a new coupler, easy to install, and I would recommend it to anyone replacing a shaft coupling. The folks at King Propulsion were a super helpful, too.
Happy sailing,
Linwood Walton
H46 Blue Heaven
Hylas Discussion / 2003 Hylas 49 “Iolea” for sale
« Last post by Iolea on July 01, 2020, 02:13:20 AM »
After a wonderful decade of cruising the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean sadly it is time to say good-bye to our girl, the good ship Iolea; who has been more than just a home, she has safely transported us across dozens of ocean passages and been a sensational host for countless gatherings of friends.  As sad as it is to put her up for sale we take solace in having had the adventure of a lifetime and memories which will be with us forever ->
Experienced Hylas Yachts / Hylas 46 - Feather
« Last post by bluesurf on June 29, 2020, 09:18:38 AM »
I carefully watched the market last Fall (2019) when I saw a Hylas 46 “Feather” offered for sale out of San Diego. It was a special yacht IMO, and over the winter it was sold. I regret not printing its features when up for sale. It does not show now on AIS, and maybe the name has changed. I think that the new owners are very fortunate, and I wish to congratulate them on their acquisition. If you read this, I still would like a copy of the listing or a summary of the boat to recall the special features it has. It will help me assess other yachts that come on the market. I hope the new owners see this, and will respond.
Hylas Discussion / Re: Batteries for Hylas 44, Type, Number, and Position
« Last post by rstanley02 on June 12, 2020, 04:28:53 AM »
I use 4 6volt 220 amp Lifelines as our house bank.  They have worked flawlessly for 11 years.  2 under the nav seat and 2 behind the backrest with plenty of room.
Hylas Discussion / Re: Max Prop conversion to Flexofold
« Last post by snailor on June 11, 2020, 08:59:33 PM »

Thanks for your reply.  We've ordered a FLexofold 18-inch three-blade with 11 pitch.  We'll see how this does once we get it installed.

Hylas Discussion / Re: Refrigeration compressor location on a 44?
« Last post by snailor on June 11, 2020, 08:56:27 PM »
Congratulations on your H-46 purchase!  We have Hull 34 built mostly in 2000 but commissioned as a 2001 model.  That pump is to clear any water that accumulates in your fridge and freezer.  There is a filter screen for that and the aft shower drain on the port side of the engine compartment you'll need to keep clean for this to work right.  There should also be some metal plugs for the fridge and freezer drains to keep cold air from seeping down the drain lines.  These must be removed momentarily when you run the pump and then replaced in the holes when you're done.

If you're only getting down to 31 degrees in the freezer I would suspect a problem with the refrigerant level or some other problem.  We keep ours at 17 degrees which is just low enough to keep the gelato firm.  We keep our fridge at 40 which is the lowest we can go and not have half the contents freeze.

Its important to check and maybe replace all the rubber seals around the fridge doors and hatches which on a boat this age are often deteriorating.

Since both of our compressors are positioned way aft under the aft end of the centerline queen (stbd) we installed an exhaust fan and duct leading to a deck cowl to keep the hot air from building up in that compartment. Not only does that trapped air make more work for the fridge units, it also bakes my underside while laying on the berth on a hot summer night.  The fan is simply a 6-inch computer fan attached to the freezer compressor controller - so it runs when the freezer runs which is quite a bit more than the fridge. The cowl is just to the right of the backstay on the little ledge outside the deck. We keep it aimed aft but also have a plug we can stick into the opening to keep water out during rough weather.

S/V Santosha H-46 #34
Hylas Discussion / Re: Refrigeration compressor location on a 44?
« Last post by bhalderman on June 11, 2020, 08:39:39 PM »
Hi All,

New question regarding refrigeration. We just got a lovely 2001 Hylas 46 #43. I am not clear on what exactly the refrigeration pump button below the galley sink actually does. It is a press and hold so not intended to be on for long. I assumed it was to pump out any water collecting in the bottom of the fridge and or freezer....but we haven't seen any after 3 weeks of use. What we do see is the freezer collects quite a bit of condensation on the outside of the door and it appears there has been some previous water damage on the door panel.  We are keeping the settings as high as possible that still keeps frozen food frozen which is 31 degrees F ....much higher than I expected.

Hylas Discussion / Re: Hylas 44 external chain plates?
« Last post by Jjamsden on June 09, 2020, 03:28:54 AM »
While I understand that it isn't the most ideal to do, the chain plates are in dire need of replacement on my 35 year old boat and unlike some of the newer Hylas models, they are completely welded to the ribbed structure fiberglassed into the walls. I've talked to rigging specialists and their recommendations were to take them external. Initially I was hoping to be able to cut off the old plates, glass around the remaining stainless knee, and bolt on new plates.
Hylas Discussion / Re: Hylas 44 external chain plates?
« Last post by joel on June 08, 2020, 06:05:06 PM »
I agree with Bob.  The chain plates are part of a stainless steel grid that bears the load.
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