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Hylas Discussion / Re: Hylas 56 being sold as an Outbound 56
« Last post by Che Figata on December 16, 2018, 04:51:13 PM »
Many of us are caught up being "creditors" to HYI because of Kyle Jackney.  Amazing that Outbound would pick him up.  Can only be due to the hull molds.  I certainly hope that the bankruptcy proceedings prevent Kyle from proceeding with Outbound and he never works in this industry again.  The Chapter 11 was converted to a Chapter 7 this past week.
Hylas Discussion / Re: Our Solar panel installation on H54
« Last post by joel on December 16, 2018, 03:50:01 PM »
That's a great design! and there is little chance of shading (unlike on my hard bimini).  Please let us know how much output you get from the panels.

Hylas 44 #66
Hylas Discussion / Our Solar panel installation on H54
« Last post by Hobiehobie on December 15, 2018, 11:31:16 PM »

Though someone might be interested in our new solar arch and panels on our Hylas 54.

We wanted to add significant solar area but we were not keen on putting panels on deck (shading, slippery), on rail “wings” or on the canvas bimini top (shading, dynamic substrate, complex wire routing, not useable when boat stripped bare for storage).  We wanted a solution that looked in keeping with the existing boat structures and we did not care for sharp-cornered aluminum flat frame panel solution often seen.

So, we had a curved frame of stainless rail welded to the top of the Simpson Davits which matches the existing Hylas rails.   Over that is a GRP panel color matched to deck grp to act as structure to attach the semi flexible solar panels (four Solbian SP130W). The curved shape makes sure there is head room to duck under to use the transom steps. The structure does not interfere with after-swim showers, dinghy storage, nor does it impinge on the ability to use the steps for dinghy loading.  And it keeps the sun off the dink.  In fact the structure seems to make the davits even stronger than before.  The added weight is still well within the 225 kg specs of the davits and as we just switched from a GRP to a much lighter aluminum dink, the weight aft is probably more or less unchanged.  We also moved the aft nav light from the davit to the aft edge of the frame and relocated the ensign pole socket so the ensign does not flap over the panels. So far we are very happy with the power from the panels, the look, and the strength of the solution.  Happy to share the plans with anyone interested. 😃

Pics enclosed.  Note: wires not dressed tidily yet
Hylas Discussion / Re: Water maker installation on My 46' Hylas
« Last post by Anthem on December 14, 2018, 12:10:32 PM »
We have a Spectra 380c mounted underneath aft cabin hanging locker.  Takes up little space that would be useful for other purposes.
Hylas Discussion / Re: Water maker installation on My 46' Hylas
« Last post by burtpreston on December 14, 2018, 03:04:39 AM »
On our Hylas 44 we installed a Spectra Cape Horn WM under the port settee. We removed the aft water tank, which was less necessary with the new WM and put the components in that space. By cutting strategic holes in the plywood top to the settee we could easily access the WM controls by just removing one settee cushion.

Burt Preston
H44 - 83 Exuberant
Hylas Discussion / Re: H46 Spinnaker/ Wisker Pole
« Last post by joel on December 13, 2018, 11:25:10 PM »
There are lots of used spinnaker poles at places like Bacon Sails.  Cheap!
Hylas Discussion / Re: Water maker installation on My 46' Hylas
« Last post by Panama Red on December 13, 2018, 02:37:56 PM »
We installed a 12v Spectra watermarked on our H44 Exuberant eight years ago and have found it to work very well. We get about 9 gob and most importantly it only uses 1 amp/he per gallon. Most other units use 2 to 3 times that much power. We can often produce water at anchor in the Bahamas with just solar.


On the H44, where did you install the watermaker?


S/VSugarbear H44
Hylas Discussion / Re: H46 Spinnaker/ Wisker Pole
« Last post by brian black on December 13, 2018, 04:15:16 AM »
My 2 cents.  The adjustable length poles are not robust enough for extended offshore use.  And they're hard to repair.  If I had it to do over again, I'd get a fixed length pole.  Lighter, less expensive, and one of the most awkward exercises on the foredeck is extending the adjustable pole to the length required. 
Hylas Discussion / Selling Our 54 Raised Salon Center Board
« Last post by Solitude on December 13, 2018, 01:20:46 AM »
After sailing our 2000 Hylas 54 raised saloon half way around the world, we need to sell her.   Solitude is an uncommon centerboard model that has undergone extensive refits.  In 2009 MRP Refits ( completed a major refit that included replacing most through hulls, hoses, clamps, rebuilding and enhancing the centerboard system, adding electric davits, new refrigeration, as well as many other improvements.   In 2010 Solitude’s navigation station was upgraded by Hylas staff to include digital meters, and a new navigation chair was installed that allows better access to the engine compartment.   Since then we have replaced the original engine with an Yanmar 4JH4HTE (now has 2200 hours),  Hydranet radial cut main and genoa, new ice-maker, Force10 stove/oven, microwave, television, dvd player, stereo, B&G Zeus chart-plotters at helm and navigation station, Go Free wireless, wireless autopilot control and 5 Triton displays.  To make her as safe and reliable for ocean voyaging we have added a second fully redundant autopilot that can be activated by a flip of a switch.   She also has 1050 watts of solar divided into two separate systems, each with its own regulator, as well as a D400 wind generator.   While sailing across the Pacific with over 30 other World ARC boats, many other vessels had failures; we had none given the extraordinary preparation and condition of Solitude.  She was also the third boat to finish the crossing in Hiva Oa, after a leg with some 3000 miles of ocean sailing, coming in behind only a Performance X-Yacht and an Outremer 5X 59’ Catamaran  - so she is as fast as she is safe and comfortable.   
Solitude is now lying in Australia and is ready to be enjoyed by a new owner.    If you are interested, please contact us.   

Hylas Discussion / H46 Spinnaker/ Wisker Pole
« Last post by Nirvana on December 12, 2018, 02:02:36 PM »
Hi all,  and Happy Holidays to All!

I’m Looking into installing a pole on Nirvana and interested in your thoughts / experience and any results you may have.  The primary purpose is managing the jib during running/wing-n-wing conditions but it would also extend our light air reach for the Asymmetrical.  We did this quite a bit on our previous boat and found it allowed us to sail when otherwise we’d be motoring.

Here’s the thinking:  Looking for mast virticle stowage.  Telescoping (Selden offers them).  The track is already there for the cars so one step down.

I’m concerned about the staysail fore-stay though.  While not in use we stow it hooked to the rail to port (it’s not a furler).  This puts it about a foot forward of the forward port shroud. 

Also thinking it may require modification of the sail cover which zips up the front of the mast. 
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