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Title: Hylas 51 with 4 Blade Kiwi Prop - Favourable Results
Post by: wurzner on July 15, 2020, 06:49:35 AM
I am not trying to hijack any other prop threads...I like a bunch of them.  I simply went with the 4 bladed Kiwi because I liked the 3 blade on my former Ericson 38.  After 5-10 minutes with a diver in the water fine tuning pitch, I am motoring 6.5 @ 2200 and around 7.8 at ~ 2900.  I got it up to low-mid 8's at around 3200...all in relatively flat water.  Back up performance was excellent pulling in stern first with zero prop walk.  Overall...very happy. It is a 4 blade 18 inch pitched to around 19.5 degrees (replacing 3 blade 18x12). The engine is a 77hp 4jh2-hte.

Will update in a year or so, or reach out for updates.