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Michael Cummings

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Re: Hylas 49 cutter conversion
« Reply #4 on: July 12, 2019, 02:25:00 PM »
Hi Christopher,
We also have an H49  (Mara 1998) and had the challenge of finding a good sheeting angle for the staysail. What we did is add another car and block to Genoa track in the forward position, then using the cabin top block ran a tweaker line with low friction block on staysail sheet through cabin top block and back to cockpit cleat making it easily adjustable. For cruising we tie it off to the deck top padeye. There is some threading the jib sheet through shrouds but in the end we are very happy with this arrangement. The difference it makes having this sail work with the proper sheeting angle is awesome.
Just more info.


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Re: Hylas 49 cutter conversion
« Reply #3 on: July 02, 2019, 03:04:46 PM »
Christoph ... Like Jammin, on H49-50 I have a 'Cutter Rig'( really a sloop with Stays'l) ... Had a 125 Genoa, just downsized to a 110, not really a high cut 'Yankee', but more a downsized Genny ... tacking is day and night (the 125 was unbearable, especially shorthanded)... didn't really see much performance drop, I have a code zero on the bow for really light days.

My StaySail is on a Furlex 300, clew leads were a challenge, i think adjustable track would be best, but deck hatches prevented that ... Wind ahead of the beam, I lead to the cabin top ... wind abaft, I'll 'barberhaul' them out ...

Jammin comment on usefulness of staysail is right on .... life saver when the breeze picks up, staysail and reefed main, boats stays on her feet and tracks very well.

When I changed, I went to Doyle cruising laminate, with Radial cut - after 3 years, not sure i'd change a thing.

Good luck



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Re: Hylas 49 cutter conversion
« Reply #2 on: June 13, 2019, 04:51:54 PM »

I have a Stevens 47, which I understand has the same sail plan and underbody as the 49. Jammin has her stays"l on a furler and carries 120% jib, also on a furler. I can speak to tacking with a try Yankee, but with the 120 it's a pain. In light air, I have to help it thru the slot. In heavier air, it will blow thru.

When sailing with the genny and stays"l, the slot becomes quite narrow. That is, it's hard to keep both sails drawing perfectly.

When it's time to replace the genny, I'm planning to go to a Yankee.

I want to add that the stays"l is really handy when the wind pipes up. The combination of the stays"l and a double reefed main allows me to manage with 35 knots forward of the beam. At higher wind speeds, the stays"l alone keeps the boat moving and in control.


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Hylas 49 cutter conversion
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2019, 02:21:52 PM »
I am researching cutter conversion options for our Hylas 49/hull49. I am aware of and have read the previous posts on this topic, but I do still have some specific questions I would like to get some input on. We currently have a 130 Genoa and a hank-on staysail (which we have only used when the Genoa had a tear). My wife and I are over 60 and we cruise 6+month each year. We sail mostly near-shore with occasional off-shore passages.
My questions are:
1. Does anyone sail a Hylas 49 rigged as a true cutter? My understanding of a true cutter is that the Jib and Staysail will be used at the same time when the wind is forward of the beam. The Jib is high cut (yankee) and maximum 110%, the staysail is low cut and also max. 110%. I would be interested in performance and handling characteristics of this setup.
2. What should I expect when tacking a 110% Jib? a)assuming the staysail is set and back-winded
 b) With the staysail furled. Does the Jib tack without furling or walking through on the foredeck?
3. I want to have the Staysail on a furler. I am trying to determine if a standard furler (likely a Furlex) or a soft furler would work best.
4. My current staysail sheets are led through a standing block on the coach roof. I do not have a track. With this setup, I need to run the sheet inside the lower shroud when sailing to windward and outside the lower shroud when reaching. Is this generally the case on Hylas 49's or is this a problem caused by the cut of my stay sail? Would a track on the coach roof solve the problem?
5. I am looking for advise on sail cut (radial or crosscut) and materials for both Jib and Staysail.

Any feedback on these issues would be greatly appreaciated.
Christoph, SV Delfina H49/49



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